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Eliyahu Tatel asked:

What is the exact case of Todah L'shaim todas Chavairo? If there is no problem of Shinui Baalim because it only applies by Zerika, why talk about a different persons Todah, just say a Todah for crossing the sea was mixed up with a Todah for leaving jail, similar to a Shelamim L'shaim Olah in the Mishnah which does not mention another person.

Eliyahu Tatel, NJ, USA

The Kollel replies:

The Keren Orah writes that since a Todah is basically a Nedavah, unlike a Chatas, therefore Todas ha'Yam offered l'Shem Todas Beis ha'Isurim is not a Shinuy Kodesh, even if Chatas Chelev offered l'Shem Chatas Dam is.

D. Zupnik