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1. Feeding the Dogs 2. חישב שיאכלוהו כלבים למחר

Boruch Kahan asks:

The Gemoro in the Sugya of Pigul on the Omud Aleph asks an interesting question in the name of Rav Yannai about if someone had a Machshovoh to feed his dogs Bosor Kodshim if its Pigul or not and proves it from a Loshon of a Possuk in Melochim Beys that the wicked Queen Izevel had a Loshon of Achilas Kelovim used with her.

My question is why does the Gemoro NOT use the earlier Possuk in Melochim Aleph Perek 14 Possuk 11 with Yerovom where a similar loshon is used, rather than use the later 1 of Izevel in Melochim Beys?

Boruch Kahan , London England

The Kollel replies:

The Gemara probably preferred the proof from Melachim 2 because it is more specific - as it refers to eating the flesh of Izevel, as opposed to eating the flesh of Yerav'am's (anonymous) offspring.

Be'Vichas kol tuv

Eiiezer Chrysler.