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Yakov Okshtein" asks:

As you wrote in the Tosfos Translations, Tosfos says:

1. Observation(cont.): It appears that this is why the Gemara asks later, why don't we derive the law regarding someone who is sworn by others from Shevuas ha'Pikadon to Shevuas ha'Eidus? ...

Should this be: to Shevuas ha'Pikadon from Shevuas ha'Eidus ?

Also, my chavrusa and I don't understand this kal vchomer because it seems to be opposite the same kal vchomer in the gemara...

Thanks! Yakov Okshtein

The Kollel replies:

Yes, it should be "to Shevuas ha'Pikadon from Shevuas ha'Eidus."

When the Gemara asks this question later (34b), it also discusses at length why Rebbi Shimon felt he could make this Kal v'Chomer.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose