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carolyn callen asked:

My husband is reading the book -Encyclopedia of Jewish Concepts- and it has a Hebrew quote. Unfortunately my Hebrew is not advanced enough to interpret the phrase. Noted as Sanhedrin 56a, it is a. Talmudic statement concerning the seven Noachian precepts. I hope that is not a long passage but could you email me an English translation of Sanhedrin 56a?



carolyn callen, ocala, fl, usa

The Kollel replies:

Our site does not have direct translations of the Gemara, but we do have materials which enhance the study of the Gemara, including outlines of the Daf, at:,

and review questions and answers at: and

For a direct translation, you can go to the Soncino site at:

Chag Same'ach

P Silverman

Kollel Iyun Hadaf