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Kinson asked:

1) ON BB 58 you write in the Insights that the Avos were Mkaiim the mitzvos. Did they also know the Torah that Moshe wrote down and do you have rayas? Like, would Yaakov have known the stories in Beraishis? I'm assuming yes, but I want to know mkoros, if you have them.

2) Also, you state on that page regarding monkey compared to man is a moshul of imitating. The last tziur of Adam compared to H' don't you think the mashul should have changed because all the other tziurim on the daf were between man and man?

Thanks for your excellent work and tremendously helpful resources. Zai g'bentchd.

Kinson, usa

The Kollel replies:

1) The Gemaros that discuss Avraham Avinu keeping the Torah (i.e. Yoma 28b) clearly imply that he kept the Mitzvos of the Torah, not that he knew all of the Pesukim and stories written in the Torah. There is a discussion among the Rishonim and Acharonim whether they only did the positive Mitzvos (the opinion of the Maharal) or all of the Mitzvos (simple explanation of the Gemara, see Maharsha on Yoma ibid.). However, it seems difficult to say they knew exactly what would happen to them (i.e. that Avraham would know that Sarah was right before they argued about this, or that Yaakov would know where Yosef was the whole time).

2) No, I don't know why it should change, as the point is still valid.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose