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Yehuda Wiesen asked:

Dear Rabbi Kornfeld and colleagues,

Shabbat 62B speaks of haughty women and their punishments. Then the discussion turns to the pretentious men of Jerusalem.

Where are the punishments for such men described? Or are there no punishments?

Thank you for all your helpful work!


The Kollel replies:

It is obvious that these men were punished, as the Gemara states later (63a) that they were all having illicit relationships. It is well known that the first Beis Hamikdash was destroyed due to the three biggest sins, one of which is Giluy Arayos.

It seems that the reason that the Gemara tells of the punishments of these women is because it is not as obvious that they were actually sinning when they were walking around in this lewd manner. Unfortunately, many women today also do not think of themselves as sinning when they parade around in such fashion. People tend to think that only illicit relationships are sinful, and disregard the sin of enticement. This is why the Gemara details the specific punishment for every single aspect of their promiscuity.

Incidentally, the SEFER ORCHOS TZADIKIM explicitly notes that for a man to walk around in an enticing manner is also a sin.

Take Care,

Yaakov Montrose