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דיונים על הדף - שבת כא

Aharon Braha HY"V asked (in Hebrew):

מה הקשרים בין פרי החג לחנוכה חוץ שזו וזו ח' ימים.

Aharon Braha HY"V, Milan, Italy

The Kollel replies:

This question was discussed in Insights to the Daf, Shabbos(21:6)

Kol Tuv

Kollel Iyun Hadaf


QUESTION: The Gemara says that the reason for Beis Shamai's opinion that one lights Chanukah candles in regressive order (eight on the first night, seven on the second night, and so on) is because the number of cows that were brought as a Korban Musaf each day of Sukos were also brought in descending numbers (thirteen the first day, twelve the second day, and so on). What do the lights of Chanukah have to do with the Korbanos of Sukos?


(a) RABEINU YEHONASAN M'LUNIL explains that on Chanukah, the Chashmona'im felt that the miracle of their triumph was greater than the miracle of Pesach. On Pesach, the physical existence of the Jews was threatened, but during the time of Chanukah, the *spiritual* existence of the Jews was threatened as well, because the Greeks wanted to obliterate all traces of Jewish practice. As a result, the Chachamim decided to make the festival of Chanukah longer than that of Pesach. They therefore made it as long as the longest festival in the Torah, which is Sukos (8 days).

(b) According to SEFER CHASHMONA'IM (one of the Apocrypha, or non-sacred Kesuvim), the Chashmona'im were unable to observe Sukos properly because of the war. Therefore, they made the Chanukah festival eight days long to compensate for the lost days of Sukos.

David Goldman responded:

What does it mean to say that the tsaddikim of the generation knew the second Temple was temporary? It suggests that there was no hope that the people would do teshuva even 300 before the Chorban of the SEcond TEmple.....

The Kollel replies:

Dear David

Hello there and thanks for your inquiry. Rav Ya'kov ZT"L does not elaborate on this. I assume though that his idea is based on the Gemora Yoma 9b. The Gemora explains that the conditions which led to the building of the second Beis Hamikdash (either because a major portion of the Jewish people remained in Bavel, or because the Beis Hamikdash was built with permission from the Persian Government) did not enable it to have the Divine presence. It is also recommendable to read Rav Ya'kov's entire piece (Brieshis 49:10).

K'sivah v'chasimah tovah.

Y. Landy