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Yosey Goldstein asked:

Not at all daf yomi related BUT.... It is chanuka related

The Chayai Odom AND mishna Berurah Posken that cancles burning more than 30 Minutes in NOT a hiddur. (There is a Shitta that Hiddur Mitzva is ONLY in the mitzva and after 30 Minutes there is no mitzvah)

NOW IS this ONLY in older times when people were not in the street after 30 minutes after Tzais, and therefore there is no Pirsumay nissa and therefore no hiddur mitzva OR is it even today. The mitzva of pirsumay nissa only last for 30 minutes no matter when you light.

Now if there is no pirsumay nissa after 30 Minutes if one uses enough oil last for HOURS is there a question of BAAL TASHCHIS. After all there is no purpose in leaving it burn so long! (Unless one bedavka does use the lights from the menora)

What do you say?

A frailichen Chanuka


The Kollel replies:

It is accepted practice today that "Ad she'Yichleh Regel" is considered a Mitzvah, even after a half an hour passes. The Brisker Rav lit his candles until the end of the last show in Edison movie theater (which was across the street from his apartment).

D. Zupnik