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Gideon Mandel asked:

Rav Papa asks why does the mishna mention Ofeh insted of mevashel which was in the Mishkan in cooking the samemanim. The gemara answers that 'Tana, Sidura depat nakat'. However rashi in the Mishana says that the previous melachot were part of the samemanim preparation (so presumably I understand not 'Sidura de'pat). isn't ths contradictory?

Gideon Mandel, amsterdam, netherlands

The Kollel replies:

The very Rashi that you quote specifically mentions with regard to 'Ofeh' 'Sidura de'Pas Nakat', because, as the Gemara explains, the dyes were boiled, not baked (and there is no way round this). All Rashi says is that the ten Melachos that precede Ofeh were performed in connection with the dyes (only not Ofeh).

Kol Tuv

Eliezer Chrysler.