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abashuta asked:


Hello, Can you tell me if the following scenario is permitted in your opinion: If I have an incubator for quail eggs that regulates itself

automatically by electric heat, can I run this if I dont tamper with it at all? Also if you can provide the Talmud page number that settles this issue that would be great. I'd also like to know if I can keep a candle lit throughout shebat if I light it on friday (even though its not burning on oil) and if I can keep it lit can I use it for the blessing at the outgoing of the shebat, also if I can derive benefit from it. thank you


abashuta, Portland, OR

The Kollel replies:

Dear Abashuta,

According to Jewish law, a Jew may leave a self-regulating incubator for quail eggs running on Shabbos. The Talmud discusses such issues in Shabbos 18 and elsewhere.

The same applies to a candle that was lit on Friday before Shabbos. It is permitted to derive benefit from the light, but one may not read to its light, lest one forget and adjust the flame.