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Nechemyah D asked:

I have a problem, my problem is that I don't know what reshut I live in. I live in a closed apartment complex that has 3 walls and a gate. But the real issue is if I am chayav is I carry on the outside of my house. For example sometimes I want to go read the Parashah in a little chatzeir. But I don't want to do a Issur. Now all this is in a closed gate. But I just don't know the answer. Then I read Rashi to to Shabbat 6b on the "600,000" and it blow me away. Can you try to give me a answer on the issue on what information that I gave you. And if possible can you quote me the Rambam to Hilchot shabbat 14:1, and Hichot Eruvin 1:4. Todah Raba.

Nechemyah D, Riverside, USA

The Kollel replies:

It sounds like your apartment complex is a proper Reshus ha'Yachid, since even the fourth side (where the gate is) is probably a proper Mechitzah (at least ten Tefachim high and four Tefachim wide). Nevertheless, since it is not a single family dwelling, you are required to make an Eruv Chatzeiros (Rambam, Hilchos Eruvin 1:2) with the other members of the building (assuming that your building is not inside an "Eiruv").

Kol Tuv,

Yonasan Sigler

This is not a Psak Halachah