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Lipa asked:

i was curious about the Mishna AL Sholsha D'Varim Nashim Maysos, etc. .

(1) it seems to me that since we dont literally mean that the Onesh for failing to

be meticulous in these 3 things is Misa, but rather if the woman is not Nizhar

, she is placed in a situation of Sotan M'Katrig when she is in a time of


(2) this sounds more like a B'raisa than a Mishna? your thoughts?

(3) the Gemara in Shabbos says the "Ain Lo L'HKB"H .... Elah Shel Yiras Shomayim

Bilvad." We learned in Berachos, "Ain Lo L'HKB"H .... Elah 4 Amos Shel Halacha


How can we reconcile these two statements?

The Kollel replies:

(1) Your understanding of the Gemara seems to be correct.

(2) It is not the normal style of a Mishnah to discuss Agaddic material, but here, since the Mishnah was discussing the laws of kindling the Shabbos candles, it emphasized the importance and severity of the three things which are entrusted to women to carry out.

(3) These two statements are absolutely consistent. The verse states, "Reishis Chachmah Yir'as Hash-m" -- "the fear of G-d is the beginning of wisdom," and the Gemara (Berachos 17a) follows up and says that the purpose of Chachmah is Teshuvah and Ma'asim Tovim (Teshuvah and Ma'asim Tovim are Yir'as Shamayim in action). Also, "Arba Amos Shel Halachah" is explained as referring to the Arba Amos which defines the domain of every person (that is, wherever he walks, he has four Amos all about him). The Gemara in Berachos is saying that Hash-m dwells within the four Amos of the person who meticulously follows His ways, the Halachah. Only a person who is truly G-d-fearing is so meticulous to follow His ways (and likewise, only someone who so meticulously follows His ways is truly G-d-fearing).