Charles Baker asked:

I'm a little ahead on DafYomi & have qn. for when you get to 81b.

In Kesubos 61a Rashi (D"H Avol Moizeges....) says that Mzigas Kois etc. is not a Chiyuv on wife. Rather Chachomim gave her Eitzo Tovo to encourage Chiboh.

How would Rashi explain Nedarim 81b that Sheloi Atzia Lecho Mitoscho...Einoi Tzorich Lehofair if she is not Meshubeddes to him? (Ran says ".....Mechuyeves Behochi" but what will Rashi say?)

The Kollel replies:

The Mishnah in Kesuvos requires the woman to perform these tasks. Rashi is speaking where she brought into the marriage four maidservants, and she is therefore not obligated to do anything for her husband. Then it is an Etzah Tovah for her to do Mezigas ha'Kos.

Dov Zupnik