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alex lebovits asked:

The Ran on 5b D"H Rebi Yehudah Omer writes 'V'Iyke Lehakshos Mideomrinan.....'V'yesh Lomer. The Bach Changes the Girsa to 'V'eyn Lehakshos.....'D'Yesh Lomer'.

Is there any difference whatsoever whether we learn one Girsa or the other?

Thank you

alex lebovits, toronto, canada

The Kollel replies:

Yes, there is a difference. The difference is regarding the strength of the question that the Ran is conveying. If he says "Do not ask this...because it is possible to say," he is conveying that the question is obviously not a question, but he is explaining it anyway for the sake of our clarity. However, saying "And it is possible to ask...and it is possible to answer," conveys that the question is a good solid question, which happens to have a possible answer.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose