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1. Bal Te'acher - 3 Regalim 2. Mudar Ani Lach

Yitzchak Coffer asked:

It is stated in Insights 2) (c) "The Rosh writes that the Isur of Bal T'aacher is always transgressed only after three Regalim." Is there a Torah reference to this or is it "Torah l'Moshe MiSinai?" Thank you and may the Bais HaMikdash speedily be built.


Yitzchak Coffer, Thornhill, Canada

The Kollel replies:

[The following is taken from Review Answers to Rosh Hashanah 4b:]


(a) The source for the opinion of ...

1. ... the Tana Kama, according to whom 'Bal Te'acher' applies after three

Yamim-Tovim - is the fact that, after having discussed the Shalosh Regalim in

Re'ei, the Torah inserts the phrase "be'Chag ha'Matzos, u've'Chag ha'Shavu'os

u've'Chag ha'Sukos", a phrase which seems to be superfluous. It must

therefore be coming to tell us that after (any) three Yamim-Tovim, one

transgresses Bal Te'acher.

2. ... Rebbi Shimon, who learns that it applies only after three Yamim-Tovim

in their right order - because otherwise (even according to the Tana Kama,

he maintains), why does the Torah mention Chag Sukos, which it has just


(b) Rebbi Meir learns that it applies after one Yom-Tov from "u'Vasa Shamah

va'Heveisem Shamah". According to the Rabbanan - that Pasuk comes to teach us

that after one Yom-Tov, one transgresses an Asei for not bringing his

Korban by the end of the first Yom-Tov.

(c) Rebbi Meir says that if there is already an Asei to bring it by then,

then it stands to reason that the La'av of Bal Te'acher will automatically

apply for someone who fails to bring it by then.