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Shimon Einhorn asked:

My question is Why in case of the talmidim of Rav do we consider it Nidrai Shigugous it should be mutor just like the case where a Kohen is passing in front of him and he says this thing should be assur to me if he is a Kohen and the other person also makes such a neder we say it is lacking in the bitui of the niddurim the same thing should apply by the talmidim of Rav

Shimon Einhorn, Brooklyn USA

The Kollel replies:

Your question is according to the Ran who says that Nidrei Shegagos applies even where the Shevu'ah also contained an Isur Peros, for a lack of Hafla'ah is only where the Chalos is unclear. The Gemara says on Daf 21a that the Chachamim disagree with Rav Yehudah's Derashah of Hafla'ah. Also, Hafla'ah is said with regard to Nezirus with a Hekesh to Nedarim, and thus it might not apply to Shevu'os (see Sanhedrin 25a regarding whether the principle can be applied elsewhere).

Dov Zupnik