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Rafi Magid asks:

Could you expand about RASHI version - does he assume that its KAL VAHOMER? Does he assume that in chayavei Kritus the kidushin tofsim in spite of the gemara version? - I think that its vagueness not just to me (my impression) so if you will be kind to answer maybe it's will interesting the public.

Thank you

Rafi magid

The Kollel replies:

Rashi does not say anywhere that Kidushin Tofsin for Chayavei Krisus. He does suggest that Chiyuvei Krisus should be Posel the woman from a Kal v'Chomer from Chayavei Lavim, but not because the Kidushin of Chiyuvei Krisus are Tofsin. See our Insights to 68:3 for an explanation of the words of Rashi.