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James Conway asks:


I have a question about your commentary/translation of Tosafot to Taanit 26a D"H Shani. Your translation under (b) inserts the words "on Shabbos" that don't appear in the source text, and I was wondering where you get that from. I know that the current Ashkenazi practice is such, but I also know that there were (and still are) many different practices with regards to what was included in pesukei dezimra, and so I wanted to clarify what the basis for this insertion was.

Thank you,

James Conway

The Kollel replies:

I put the words "on Shabbos" in [brackets] because they don't appear in the source text. I have no source to say that the custom in the days of Tosfos was different than nowadays. The Magen Avraham (475:11) cites our Tosafos to say "on Shabbos" - if his text of Tosfos was like ours, he (like I) based this on our custom. Also Encyclopedia Talmudica (Hallel ha'Gadol, footnote 61) cites Tosfos to say so, and brings several other RIshonim who say that we say it on Shabbos, and says that so is found in all Nuschaos of Tefilah in front of us.

Pesach Feldman