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Harvey Simon asked:

I have a problem with the Mishna on Daf 26A and some corresponding Gemora on 28B that I hope you can help me with.

The Mishna states that the maamodos read different parts of Bereishis - Vayechulu on different days Sunday - Friday, and it says they READ these sections from Bereishis at Shacharis and MUSAPH (based on Maskona to Gemora 28A) and did it Baal Peh at Mincha.

It would appear from the Gemora on 28B that any day when there was Musaph the Maamodos did not do their service at Musaph, which means there is no scenario where the Bereishis sections would ever be read at Musaph. So my question is, Why does the Mishna say the Maamodos "READ these sections from Bereishis at Shacharis and MUSAPH" if they are never read at Musaph??

Many Thanks

Kol Tov

Harvey Simon, Manchester, England

The Kollel replies:

Dear Harvey,

Rashi DH Korban Musaf on Ta'anis 26a explains that the Ma'amados skipped Musaf in Yerushalayim. However out of Yerushalayim the Ma'amados were done as usual - they were obviously not involved with the extra tasks in the Beis haMikdash.

The Rambam in Peirush ha'Mishnayos has a totally different explanation. Musaf of the Ma'amados was an added prayer said only by the Anshei Ma'amad (Musaf = additional) during their week, and it included Torah reading.

The Gemara in 28b means that a day which has regular Musaf for all, causes the Ma'amados to skip Torah reading from their added "Musaf" prayer.

All the best,

Reuven Weiner