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Avrumi Hersh asks:


Daf 2b

Reb yehoshua says that you can't say rain is suitable all the time because it's a siman klolo after nissan.

Why does reb yehoshua need to bring another example of siman klolo from nissan, he already said that its a siman klolo if it comes on sukkos for other reasons, that's already a raye that it's not suitable year round, (unlike techiyas hamesim) so what is reb yehoshua adding from after nissan?

Avrumi Hersh, London england

The Kollel replies:

Dear Avrumi,

Actually the Hebrew Artscroll edition adds in parentheses here "since rain in the summer (and even on Sukos) is a Siman K'lala". In other words it's only an added reason.

Perhaps we can explain as follows:

R' Yehoshua thought that R'Eliezer only thinks of starting on the first day of Sukkos and therefore R' Yehohua argues that there is a K'lala now, and not to start. But after R' Eliezer explains that Mashiv HaRuach could even be in the summer like Techiyas HaMeisim, then R' Yehoshua needs to explain that there is K'lala the whole summer since now the week of Sukkos is not enough to stop saying the whole year.

Also rain in the summer is bad to the world and doesn't help- so why praise Hash-m but on Sukkos it is a bad sign but obviously the rain is beneficial.

Aall the best, Reuven Weiner