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Eliezer Hopkovitz asked:

Who was the Ra'avan, and where is his commentary located (ta'anis 2a Insights #2)?

thank you,

eliezer hopkovitz

The Kollel replies:

Here is a paragraph from our Introduction to Masechtos (Berachos):

RA'AVAN - by Rabeinu Eliezer ben Nasan of Germany (d. 1170), perhaps the earliest of the Ba'alei ha'Tosfos.

Atlas Etz Chayim (Rav Refael Halpern) entry #1734 (Rishonim) adds that Tosfos refers to him as "Rebbi Eliezer ha'Zaken." He was the brother in law of Rav Yitzchak ha'Kadosh bar Elayakim and father in law of Rav Shmuel bar Natrunai and Rav Yoel ha'Levi (father of the Ra'avyah). He composed a number of Piyutim.

The actual commentary that we quoted can be found in the Ra'avan's commentary after the end of Berachos, #204.