What did he mean when he said "Mah Ekov Lo Kaboh Keil?"?


Rashi: a. With reference to Ya'akov, whom Hashem called 'Eil', 1 he meant that even when they deserved to be cursed, Ya'akov did not curse them, only their anger; 2 b. when their father Ya'akov tricked his father into blessing him and deserved to be cursed, he concluded "Gam Baruch Yihyeh!" 3 and c. In connection with the B'rachos and K'lalos on Har Gerizim and Har Eival, by those who blessed, it says "Eileh Ya'amdu Levarech es ha'Am" 4 , whereas by those who cursed it says


And what was he referring to when he said "Mah Ez'om Lo Za'am Hashem"?


Rashi and Rashbam: He was referring to his one talent


Rashbam: As in Mal'achi, 1:4.


Rashi: As the Navi hints in Michah, 6:5

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