Why did Bil'am change from "Arah li!" (which is what Balak asked from him) to "Kabah li!"


Rashi: Because "Kabah" is a stronger Lashon of curse that "Arah", and he hated Yisrael motr than Balak did.


And why did he omit "min ha'Aretz!" (which is what Balak asked from him) to "Vegerashtiv!"


Rashi: Because "Vegerashtiv!" which means 'I will destroy them from the world' is a stronger Lashon that "Va'agorshenu min ha'Aretz", which means merely that he will drive them out of the land. 1


Refer to 22:111:1. See also Rashi, Bamidbar 31:2.

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