Why did Moshe choose specifically the Ketores with which to make the test?


Rashi: 'The nations of the world', he told them, 'have many religions and many priests, who all 1 gather in one house. We have only one G-d, one Aron, one Torah one Mizbe'ach and one Kohen Gadol


Others have the text 'who do not all gather ... '.


Others have the text "ve'Sam ha'Maves Nasan lahem be'Socho'.


Rashi: This was Moshe's warning to desist from going ahead with the test.


What are the implications of "Vehayah ha'Ish asher Yivchar bo He ha'Kadosh!", which otherwise seems obvious?


Rashi: He was warning them that the chosen person was already Kadosh, that he was the one who would come out alive and all the others would die!

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