Why did Lavan add "Elohei Avihem", and why did Ya'akov swear by Pachad Yitzchak?


Seforno: He was explaining that he appointed the god of Nachor together with the G-d of Avraham, because he was also the god of Terach, who was the father of them both. However, Ya'akov swore by the G-d whom his father Yitzchak feared, 1 for Yitzchak was not the son of Terach.


Tosfos ha'Shalem (4): Yakov swore in the life of his father Yitzchak, who did not normally swear, so this was a great matter. 2


Ramban: Pachad Yitzchak is Hashem's Midas ha'Din.


Refer to 31:42:2:1.


Refer to 42:15:1:1*.


How could Yakov accept an oath in the name of idolatry? "Lo Yishama Al Picha" (Shmos 23:13) forbids this!


Moshav Zekenim: Perhaps Yakov knew that [Nachor] did not serve idolatry (so Elokei Nachor is Hashem). 1


If so, when a scribe writes Elokei Nachor, he must intend that it is Kodesh! Lavan said also Elokei Avihem. Terach was an idolater! However, he repented (refer to 15:15:2:1); perhaps 'Elokei Avihem' is Kodesh, based on his final belief. Maseches Sofrim (4:7) and Maseches Sefer Torah (4:4) say that both of them are Chol. Bereishis Rabah (74:16) and other Midrashim say that Elokei Nachor is Chol, and Elokei Avihem is Kodesh (Matanos Kehunah - due to Terach; Etz Yosef - for it includes Avraham), and Chol (PF).

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