How did Le'ah know when Ya'akov returned home that evening, to guide him to her tent?


Targum Yonasan: She heard his donkey braying 1 as it arrived. 2


The Gemara in Nidah (31a) refers to this episode to explain the Pasuk (Bereishis 49:14) "Yisachar Chamor Garem" (Yisachar is a bony donkey), which can also be translated as "A donkey caused Yisachar (to be born). See also Pirush Yonasan.


Even though Leah is called a Yatzanis (one who goes out - refer to 34:1:1:1), she would not want to wait outside a long time. Also, she would not leave her children, between two and five years old, alone for much time.


Why did Le'ah mention the fact that 'she had hired Ya'akov ... '? Why was it not lacking in Tzeniyus to talk like that?


Seforno: To reassure Ya'akov that she was not encroaching on her sister's rights, seeing as Rachel herself had agreed to allot that night to her. We see from this statement, indeed from the entire episode, that the Avos and the Imahos treated intimacy like Adam and Chavah before the sin - to have children in the service of Hashem and not for personal pleasure.


Why does the Torah omit the first 'Hei' in "ba'Laylah 'Hu' "?


Rashi: It hints that Hakadosh-Baruch-Hu was with Ya'akov that night, 1 as a result of which Yisachar was born. 2


Seforno: The "Hu" refers to Ya'akov, to inform us that, when he saw how keen Le'ah was to be with him, and positive motivations, he actually accepted her wholeheartedly. 3


Tosfos ha'Shalem (6): Yakov would always go the tent over which he saw the Shechinah.


Tosfos ha'Shalem (2): This shows that Leah was not considered 'Chatzufah' (a wife who verbally requests to have Bi'ah, one of the nine Midos of despised relations).


A large step forward from the 'hatred' that he previously bore her.


Why is there a double expression "Sachor Secharticha"?


Tosfos ha'Shalem (4): This hints that Yisachar, who was conceived that night, will engage in Torah and receive reward in this world and in the world to come.


רש"י: שכר שכרתיך - נתתי לרחל שכרה: למה לא פירש כפשוטו?


גור אריה: לאה לא נתנה ליעקב דבר, אלא 'נתתי לרחל שכרה'.


למה נולד יששכר בזכות הדודאים?


מהר"ל, חידושי אגדות (סנהדרין דף צט. עמ' רכט, ד"ה שאין): אשה שתובעת בעלה לתשמיש זוכה לבנים תלמידי חכמים כיששכר, ומתוך שהשתוקקה לאה להזדווג ליעקב- נתנה דודאים תמורת הדודים [-הזיווג] של בעלה, ולכן זכתה בבן כיששכר. 1


במהר"ל (גבורות ה' פמ"ג, עמ' קסב, ד"ה המאמר) מבואר שלאשה יש מידה חומרית ולאיש מעלת הצורה [חומר= האפשרות הנמצאת בכח, צורה= ההוצאה מן הכח אל הפועל], וע"י שהיא משתוקקת לבעלה היא דביקה בצוה ומשלימה את עצמה ולכן כתוב גמ' בנדרים (דף כ:) שיששכר שהיה בעל תורה נולד בזכות תשוקה זו.

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